In the past I have been involved in the following projects:

MANATEE (2018-2020)

Role: Principal Investigator


EPSRC project on automatic program repair.

The aim of this project is to design and implement methods and tools that are capable of automatically diagnosing and fixing software bugs. While there is previous work on automated program repair (APR), there are still limitations, which hinder the adoption of APR techniques by the industry, such as correctness of generated software patches and scalability. This project will attempt to overcome these limitations by combining existing techniques with machine learning and natural language processing algorithms.

MONDO (2013-2016)

Role: Research Fellow

Mondo logo

EC FP7 STREP project on scalable model-driven engineering (link).

MONDO provides an integrated open-source platform that includes components, which provide scalable model persistence, indexing and retrieval facilities, support for collaborative modelling, and parallel execution of model queries and transformations.

OSSMETER (2012-2015)

Role: Research Fellow


EC FP7 STREP project on automated measurement and analysis of open source software (link).

OSSMETER is an extensible and scalable platform that can monitor and incrementally analyse OSS projects. It can be used to measure different aspects of a software project such as code quality, communication between the developers, and activity on bug trackers.

MADES (2010-2012)

Role: Research Associate

MADES logo

EC FP7 STREP project on model-driven development of critical embedded systems (link).

MADES developed an effective SysML/MARTE language subset, and a set of tools and technologies that support high-level design specifications, validation, simulation, and automatic code generation, for embedded andy cyber-physical systems.