I am a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of York, where I teach and research software engineering. From July 2015 until August 2018, I was a lecturer at the University of Hull. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of York in 2011 under the supervision of Richard Paige and Kiran Fernandes. My thesis is on software traceability and Model-Driven Engineering.

My research falls into the broad area of systems and software engineering. My main line of research is in Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) and Domain-Specific Languages. Beyond MDE and DSLs, I am interested in software analytics, software quality, and critical systems.

PhD in Software Engineering

I am recruiting a PhD candidate in the field of software engineering, and more particularly on automatic program repair. I am offering full coverage of tuition fees and an annual stipend at RCUK rate (subject to EPSRC eligibility criteria). If you are interested please read on.

Research associate on automatic program repair

I am recruiting a research associate on automatic program repair. The project is funded by EPSRC and it will last for 18 months. If you are interested please read on.